Female Tunic for HCAs

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ID Medical branded female tunic in light blue for Health Care Assistants (HCAs). Material: Polyester/Cotton.

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Uniform Disclaimer

As an Agency Worker you will be required to wear full ID Medical Uniform or an alternative specific to your job role. Not all specialties require uniform. ID Medical Group has an embroidered uniform available for purchase for a cost of £20 for one Tunic or £35 for two.

This Uniform includes;

  • ID Medical Group Tunic (plain tunic if you have one)
  • Suitable, smart Trousers either Black or Blue (Strictly no jeans or combats)
  • Suitable and practical Footwear (Black, Flat, Waterproof and Closed Toe)
  • ID Medical ID Badge (Issued)

There may be exceptions to the above; this will depend on the environment you may be working in e.g. Theatres, Specific Wards and or Homes etc. This list is therefore not an exhaustive one.

You will be notified of any specific uniform requirements at the time of booking and/or before your assignment commences. You must not travel to any assignment in your uniform or leave an assignment wearing your uniform. If you are unable to change into/out of your uniform it is recommended that it is covered completely. This is in line with National Infection Control Guidelines.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your uniform is kept clean and tidy. If, at any point your uniform starts to show signs of degrading you are encouraged to speak with your ID Medical Group representative about replacing your uniform or ordering more.

Infection control must be observed at all times. Please ensure you adhere to the requirements and guidance set out below; if in any doubt please ask your consultant for guidance.

Presenting a professional image is compulsory and promotes patient and public confidence.

  • Do not wear jewellery whilst on assignment. (Plain wedding band authorised, No wrist watch)
  • Earrings – One pair of plain stud earrings or no earrings
  • Make up – Kept to a minimum
  • Nails – Should be kept clean and cut short. No Nail Polish or False Nails.
  • Always tie long hair back neatly and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • Always wear a clean, presentable uniform.
  • Always wear flat black sensible shoes in a material that can be wiped clean - No open toe shoes, heels or trainers.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing.
  • Tights/Stockings should be neutral in colour and worn with dresses, Socks should be plain and dark.
  • You must maintain your uniform accordingly and request replacement or exchange whenever the need arises.
  • You must report any loss or damage to your uniform as soon as reasonably possible, and before commencing any new assignment.
  • Never wear or use your ID Medical Group uniform for any other purpose other than works pertaining to ID Medical Group business.
  • In line with infection prevention, agency workers should adhere to the "bare below elbow policy"

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