Surviving Sepsis

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Date: Tuesday 5th May

The highly topical infection, sepsis, remains high on the media agenda with continuous reports of sepsis related deaths. Rapid intervention is key, as sepsis is often avoidable and treatable.  

Our Surviving Sepsis is a one day course for all medical professionals aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of those with sepsis, where you will earn 6 CPD points/hours.

  • How to identify symptoms of sepsis
  • When to suspect sepsis
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Risk levels
  • Key interventions and results

On course completion you will understand the diagnostic criteria for sepsis and septic shock. The course runs from 9:30am until 4:30pm.

1 – The material and skill training in this course is for training and teaching purposes only.
2 – It is the delegate’s own responsibility to develop sufficient skill for the use of these skills for diagnosis/interventions in their workplace.
3 – The use of these skills in a diagnosis or intervention by the delegate in their daily practice is the sole responsibility of the delegate. The course material, instructors, and ID Medical cannot be held responsible for the delegate’s use of these skills.

Location ID Medical, ID House, Unit 1 Mill Square, Milton Keynes, MK12 5ZD
CPD Points 6 points/hours (TBC)
Cancellation policy

Switching your place to a future course is not possible. Please note the following cancellation fees apply:

More than 4 weeks' notice Full refund of any fees paid^
Between 2 & 4 weeks' notice 50% refund^
Less than 2 weeks' notice No refund available

^Minus a £10 admin fee.

ID Medical reserves the right to cancel the course and make a refund in full or transfer the booking if an insufficient number of bookings have been received. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THIS WHEN MAKING TRAVEL PLANS.

  • Mr Odey
    Handling Sepsis 1 October 2019

    Before now i would not be able to handle sepsis. After this session i will be confident on how to handle patients with Sepsis.

  • registered nurse
    Relevant 1 October 2019

    the workshop was very useful and informative, very relevant to my role as a Nurse

  • RGN Cotterill
    Aware of the signs of Sepsis 1 October 2019

    Much more aware of the signs and what to watch out for. confident of treatment. The material presented was easy to understand.

  • Dr Mohamed
    very informative 1 October 2019

    Very organised, relaxed environment
    relevant Information.

  • Liza Doctor
    impeccable delivery 25 February 2019

    This is an extremely useful course with several aspects. Not only does it educate on sepsis but on more general challenges within the NHS. Such as time pressure, documentation, delegating and seeking support.impeccable delivery, fun and engaging to take part in. open and interactive

  • Ahmed doctor
    Nice and Organised 25 February 2019

    Nice and organised venue, very friendly and pleasant mentor. up to date information. course is very comprehensive and useful.

  • Gladys Nurse
    Beyond my expectations 25 February 2019

    Very good course, it was beyond my expectations,tutor was very knowledgeable and full of confidence.

  • Rufia Doctor
    very informative 25 February 2019

    very informative and interactive course

  • Nurse
    Brilliant!! 18 July 2018

    Recognising early signs of sepsis,

  • Mrs Kanyangarara
    Practical examples 18 July 2018

    The course was very informative, full of practical examples.

  • Doctor
    Early Diagnosis 18 July 2018

    extremely useful course, manage the signs of sepsis, help with early diagnosis,

  • Nurse
    treatment 18 July 2018

    I have more of an insight into treating sepsis. Great course

  • Nurse
    Relevant 18 July 2018

    found the course relevant, scenarios were helpful

  • Dr Merrick
    Good Pace 18 July 2018

    Good Pace and well pitched to all delegates

  • Nurse
    EXCELLENT 18 July 2018

    it has equipped me to be more aware in my practice.
    excellent lecturing

  • Dr Dwyer
    Excellent Mixture 18 July 2018

    A chance to discuss cases and the subject with other health care professionals.
    Excellent mixture with cased based teaching

  • Dr Henson
    Appropriately interactive 18 July 2018

    Good Time Management. Appropriately interactive

  • Dr Lubna, Obs & Gynae
    WELL DONE 9 November 2017

    ID Medical is playing an important task in improving medical education and skills.

  • Beatrice, Staff Nurse
    The course is very good, 9 November 2017

    Refreshing materials provided and encouragement for the agency staff to remain professional.

  • Susan, RN
    The course is informative 9 November 2017

    Educating and well presented. I have learnt a lot regarding the signs of sepsis and treatment.

  • Grigorijs, Consultant of medical oncology
    Very interesting 9 November 2017

    Information regarding recognition and diagnostic of septic conditions. Recommended to different medical professionals.

  • Joanna, Doctor /Clinical Radiology
    Gained knowledge 9 November 2017

    Glad I decided to participate, very helpful in daily practice.

  • Dorothy, Emergency Nurse
    Very good course 9 November 2017

    I learnt a lot more on sepsis that I didn't know before.

  • Angela, Staff nurse
    Information 9 November 2017

    Updated my present knowledge and included things we need to look out for.

  • Allison
    informative and relevant to different Healthcare Professionals 5 April 2017

    This course has increased my knowledge of sepsis, prevention, identifying and treatment.

  • Hatim
    Interactive and discussions 5 April 2017

    Educational, informative. Makes you interact with colleagues

  • Shakeel
    Excellent presentation 5 April 2017

    encourages participants to be included in discussion. Good knowledge. Strongly recommend.

  • Noreen
    It was very relevant to my locum job 5 April 2017

    This is related to clinical settings not only about sepsis

  • Sophia Larbi
    All topics on Sepsis were very informative and educative. 5 April 2017

    The course was very knowledgeable and educative, This should be recommended to other colleagues.

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